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Classical Compostion: Be Always Sure...

Having gotten the new mechanics figured out in her essay for weeks 3 and 4, Emma was able to focus more on cohesion in her essay for weeks 5 and 6. There is still room for improvement in grammar and style so I will add in some practice outside this composition workbook. Without further ado, here is her essay:

Be always sure you are right-then go-ahead

-David Crockett, Autobiography, 1834

David Crockett was a successful soldier and politician, in addition to writing his autobiography, with multiple famous quotes. He was a soldier most of his life, first in Tennessee, then in Texas, where he died at the Alamo. Though not a major role, he represented Tennessee in the US House of Representatives. David’s quote teaches us to think before we speak.

Think of two swimmers, both getting ready before a race, with one difference. One of them, let’s call him George, was thinking, remembering how he was supposed to perform each stroke. George thought before he acted, so has a better chance of winning

Now the other boy, Mark, did not think over the race. Instead of evaluating the race, he messed around and didn’t know what he was supposed to do, which lead to him losing the race. Even when you think you know what you’re doing, you need to think.

Another example is a teacher, who one day when she was sitting at home, had an idea. Instead of being stressed and badly organized all the time, she would make a lesson plan to know what she’s supposed to do and when. While it took a lot of time, it paid off in the end.

One famous person who represents this quote is George Washington. He is the person who led the Continental army when they crossed the Deleware River. But this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, it took a lot of effort. Washington had to strategically think of the time, where they would approach from, and their tactic. He thought before he acted, and it paid off.

Napoleon Hill once said “Think twice before you speak, for your words and influence will plant the seed either of success or failure in another person’s mind.” This quote reinforces the idea that you should think before you act because it tells us what impact you may have on others.

Everyone should remember David Crockett’s wise words, and think about whether or not your actions are right.

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