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7th Grade Math ($40+)

Coming from: 6th grade math

Going to: Algebra I

Emma and I began 6th grade with one of the most popular homeschool math curricula. Emma hated it, I hated dragging her through it, we decided to abandon it somewhere in the middle of the second quarter of 6th grade. This was one of those moments where no amount of curriculum research is the same as sitting down in front of the book and actually trying to work with it for some time. We put the time to get used to a different system, fiddled with pacing of the lessons and eventually decided it just wasn't worth the headache. Emma begged to go back to her "normal" math book from Catholic school and that's what we did.

The "normal" book is Glencoe Math, which homeschool parents can purchase from the publisher after submitting a copy of their Notice of Intent or other document proving that they are buying teacher materials for a valid homeschool. This took a few weeks but only has to be done once. For 7th grade, we're using the Glencoe Math Accelerated materials. This is a combo of 7th grade math and pre-algebra. From the publisher, the full set of these materials costs $280. Unlike the earlier levels, this level features a hardbound, non-consumable, textbook and a companion consumable workbook. I was able to find a used textbook and teacher manuals online for $30 and purchased a new consumable workbook for $12. I don't personally find the teacher manuals to be especially helpful since they are set up for a projector based lecture and white board demonstration style of instructions. I do find them helpful as an answer key!

Using a textbook designed for traditional classroom instruction is unusual in a purely homeschool setting, though less unusual in a program that is doing online teaching. This isn't a math program that I would have happened on in a search for homeschool math curriculum and is something that we implemented as a familiar, reliable option when we needed to adjust on the fly.

One thing to be aware of when searching for math curricula is that some homeschoolers are vehemently against Common Core Math. Especially if your student is coming from a public school environment, this is what they have already been learning! Attempting to switch from the Common Core explanation style to a more "old fashioned" style was a huge part of the challenge we faced in 6th grade. Some homeschool math programs have placement tests, which can be useful in figuring out where to start if a program uses a different instructional method than your student is familiar with.

I'm not looking forward to another math curriculum selection process next year. Stick with Glencoe, knowing that if I get in over my head there's not a lot of homeschoolers to turn to for support? Move to courses taught through Kolbe Academy, which are expensive on top of buying books but come with a teacher-who-isn't-mom? Or maybe even this sequence featuring the only math book I've ever loved, Discovering Geometry?

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