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Need More Help?

Proof of Progress Evaluations

Self-booking is available on the Services page.  If you need a date or time that is not available, or if you are wondering if I will drive to wherever you are, please use this contact form.

I work a full-time office job, in addition to being a wife and mother.  While I will try to accommodate your requested scheduling, there may be days or times that I am simply not available.  Depending on timing, I may be willing to drive more than 30 minutes just for an excuse to visit something awesome in your corner of Virginia.


Getting Started/Curriculum Advice

As my time allows, I provide collaborative services to help you choose or troubleshoot your homeschool resources.  Please use the contact form to tell me a bit about what you are hoping to accomplish and the time frame you need it in.  From March to June, priority is given to proof of progress evaluations.


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